Finished PLR-ATM Course

I’ve finished the PLRATM course and I have to say it was very helpful, insightful and informative. Tiffany certainly provides an in-depth overview, complete with videos, tutorials, and there’s even a few extras thrown in! However, I won’t spoil it for my fellow wordsmiths who do decide to go on ahead and give it a whirl. She even shows you two versions of how you can go about it: a free way and a paid way.  I’m going to go over the course again, for the purpose of doing a full product review.  I will include the link here, when its completed.

Here’s What I’ve accomplished so far:

1. Purchased my web domain:
2. Got a web space and using a  free hosting package for now.  I know everyone says do, but I really like using Weebly.  I’m currently using Weebly for my Single Parent Home Educators site.
3. Joined the Warrior Forum
4. Got my autoresponder service with GetResponse and put up my opt-in on the web page to start building my list.
5. I’ve also started writing the content and I’m done with my 2nd, 5-article pack.

Update 8/17/2014:

6. I’ve started posting up the couple of packs I’ve completed, although I haven’t launched them as for sale yet.  I’m also currently working on a free plr pack to build my customer list.

7.  Signed up for JVZOO as a payment processor.

I’ll keep you all posted with how this new venture goes.

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