Freelance Writing: Tips to Help You Manage Your Time Better

Written by Aunice Yvonne Reed

Juggling all of your tasks as a writer really takes some serious maneuvering. Running a freelance writing business requires that you: keep track of your accounts and expenses, promote your business, network, scout for new writing projects, edit, research, and of course…write. And let’s face it, there are those terrible days when you have so much to do that you don’t even know how or where to begin. What’s more is, there are those other days when you feel so unproductive, and it seems that you spend an entire day doing everything and nothing all at the same time. Ever felt this way?

Today, I’ve decided to help myself and other fellow wordsmiths out there by pulling together a few very helpful time management tips. Writers cannot get enough time management tips because we do everything for our business. Structuring how time is utilized daily so the most leverage possible is gained, lowers stress levels which are important for sustaining good health. Feeling constantly frazzled, pressured and disorganized is counterproductive.  Read more

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