Grad School Has Started Early!

Just wanted to give everyone a status update. I’ve had so many projects that I’ve been working on, namely the Health PLR Stop and regrettably so, I’m going to have to let that one go for now. Although I’m quite disappointed, I am elated that graduate school has finally started! It’s a nostalgic feeling. While I welcome taking the next step of my career, I am realizing that it’s a monumental commitment. I was able and encouraged to begin early and so here I am in my first week of classes. As I flipped through the syllabi of my first course I immediately saw the amount of work I will be completing and there is just no way I can do the PLR Stop AND graduate work. NO WAY.  So I’ll wipe my tears and forge ahead. I will still remain a loyal contributor to HubPages and I’ve agreed to start contributing to Pukitza. I also will continue to do the occasional article for private clients, my niche blogs and (Crowdsource). Although my articles are frequently updated, I’m no longer a writer for WiseGEEK.

Thinking About Jumping into Freelance Writing?                                                                                               Help For New Writers

If you are new to the business of wordsmithing for a living or purely for enjoyment, and would like some pointers, suggestions and tips on getting started, head on over and check out the following articles I have written on the subject:

Freelance Writing Tips: Getting Your Start

Freelance Writing Tips: Getting Your First Clips

Freelance Writing Jobs: Finding Work

Freelance Writing Tips to Help You Manage Your Time Better

There’s more articles on the subject, but these will get you started.

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