Published Articles

Samples of Published Writing:

Health, Safety, Nursing, Medical

The Effects of Alcohol on the Brain and Decision Making Process – EHow Health/Demand Media

Important Properties of Reinforcement in Operant Conditioning – EHow Home/Demand Media

How to be Consistent With Children – EHow Parenting

What Are the Causes of Developmental Delay? – WiseGEEK

What is the Connection Between Fatigue and Chemotherapy? – WiseGEEK

What is Treatment for Palpitations? – WiseGEEK

What is an Inpatient Physician? – WiseGEEK

What is the Structure of the Limbic System? – WiseGEEK

Ensure Food Safety in the Kitchen – Merchant Circle

What is Substrate-Level Phosphorylation? – WiseGEEK


Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs: Finding Work -Hubpages

Freelance Writing Tips: Getting Your First Clips – Hubpages

Freelance Writing Tips: Generating New Story Ideas – Hubpages


Book Spotlight: Alcatraz, A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years – AR Media One, Hubpages

The Combination: Original Murder Inc. – AR Media One, Hubpages

Albert Anastasia: “The Lord High Executioner”  – AR Media One, Hubpages

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